PoBoy Pea Sheller

A Pea Sheller for less than $100?

The Pea Sheller With Adjustable Rollers!

Shell up to 4 5-gallon buckets an hour! Easy-Peasy

Pea Sheller Machine Video

We’ve taken all the advantages of the more expensive pea shellers and made them affordable for the residential gardener.

Amazing Gripping Power

Our “Gripit & Ripit” advanced roller technology grips the pea hull and rips it down the seam, gently depositing the peas and beans in the container below.

Our rollers should last 7 to 10 years, even under the most strenuous residential use. Oh yeah, and they’re replaceable.

Pea Sheller PoBoy

Safe To Use

We shielded the rollers, front, top & back to prevent fingers and hair getting caught. We’ve tried to make it as safe as possible. Of course common sense is required when operating any type of machinery.

Unbelievably High Yield

PoBoy Pea Sheller GripOur system tears the pea hull along the seam rather than have them pushed out the back. This dramatically reduces mashing, increases yield and eliminates bruising.

Adjustable Rollers

Cheap fixed-roller pea shellers often mash peas or are hard to feed.

We’ve remedied that with an ingenious way to adjust the rollers with a turn of a screw on each side. Small turns make a big, big difference.
The Power of a Mixer

Simply attach a mixer and you’ve got all you need to shell 2 bushel of peas an hour. Slow to medium speed for purple hull & cream 40’s. Medium to fast for butter beans and large peas.

American Made
pea sheller flag

It was tempting to have some of the parts made in China.  But we required even the molds be made in the USA.  Yes, it cost more, but we’re proud to support American manufacturing.

A Shelling Machine

PoBoy can handle purple hull peas, black-eye peas, butter beans, lima beans, white acre, cream 40’s, and many more.  Zipper peas can be difficult and it takes some perseverance to fit through the rollers, but the PoBoy Pea Sheller doesn’t mash them.

Butter Beans?

People tell us the main reason they don’t plant butter beans is because they are too difficult to shell. Can’t argue that!

Well, good news, the PoBoy Pea Sheller can handle butter beans with the same ease as purple hull- no adjustments needed! So what are you waiting for?


Information (July 17, 2017)

The rollers are now in full production.

Whew!  That was truly the scariest part as being able to mass produce the rollers with consistency at an affordable price was a real trick.  Actually, they aren’t really mass produced.  Each one is hand fed through a special machine to put the proper texture on them.

The rollers have little “feelers,” think of the hair on an insect’s legs.  They grab the hull like hundreds of tiny fingers and pull the hull through with a minimal amount of slippage.

Gears and Bearings

The molds for the gears and bearings are being built right now.  I expect to have them in-house by mid-August.

The gears and bearings are totally maintenance-free.  No oiling.  They are self-lubricating, in fact, adding oil will damage them.

The Container

The container mold is contracted out and the deposit paid.  It looks like this is going to be the last parts to arrive.

New Information (August 21, 2017)

Poboy Pea Sheller Mold
Here is one half of the mold for the small parts. I had hoped they’d be here already but still should be here in plenty of time.

Progress on getting everything here is painfully slow.  There are a lot of people anxious get the their new PoBoy Pea Sheller.  Many are asking for quantities of 3, 4, and even 6.

Requiring the molds to be made in the US has the mold injection companies in a tizzy.  Most have special relationships with Chinese mold makers who can do them very cheaply (cheap being a relative word).

Making the molds here costs almost exactly twice as much and about twice as much trouble.

New Information (October 7, 2017)  GRRRRR!!!

Well, shucksey-darn! The mold maker for the top and bottom container is now starting on getting started.  DRAT and DOUBLE DRAT!

This was supposed to be completed and to the plastic mold injection company a month ago.

Seems their new machine from HAAS was delayed getting here.  They are supposed to start cutting the molds next week.  I’ll be there Friday and will post pictures.


Fully Manufactured in the USA

One day I’m going to take all my notes and write a blog about the difficulty of making this simple pea sheller in the States.

Undoubtedly it will be more redacted than Hillary’s emails.  It would be tempting to name all the manufacturers and their craziness.  I will say this, either American manufacturers are going full tilt, or they are just waiting to hit home runs and don’t mind striking out-A LOT.

PoBoy Pea Sheller

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